The Last Eulogy Series

The Last Eulogy Series: Thrillers About Redemption and the End of the World

The Last Eulogy Series: The End of the WorldThe Premise of the Last Eulogy Series came to me while I was writing Messenger From God. The definition of a eulogy is a speech or piece of writing that praises. I pose the question what will be the last eulogy of mankind? Will it be an acclimation? Can humanity come together in peace before the end of the world? In the books I try to show the frailty of our humanness. Can we as the societies of the world overcome the psychological influences of our nurturing. Can we strip ourselves of the pride, the selfishness, the ego so that we can freely love without the prejudices that exist? Can love overcome evil?

Find out in The Last Eulogy Series … a must-read for those who enjoy an end of the world series of books.