The Last Eulogy Series combines romance, the spiritual paranormal, forgiveness, missed opportunity, redemption, modern day catastrophes, and politics, into an exciting series of thriller books.

Third Trumpet: Political Thriller Books

The second of the political thriller books

Mother Nature has unleashed a fury that knows no bounds.

Governments around the globe are entrenched in chaos as fundamentalist and homegrown factions plot revolution. The European Union is becoming an economic superpower without a conscience. Hidden agendas threaten to destroy the Constitution itself. A presidential election looms as discontented Americans call out for change. Congress teeters on the precipice of anarchy.

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A story of redemption

Meet sensitive, introspective Paolo DeLaurentis. He has had clairvoyant dreams and visions since he was a small child. His strange talents seem to come and go, and the rest of his working-class Italian family doesn’t need such powers to predict a gloomy future for humanity.

“[T]he people of our country are headed on a path of destruction,” his father warns. “Drugs, money, no morals—evil is lurking.”

“Paolo’s random acts of kindness throughout the book should be an example to the wealthy of today. What a great book. –Christine H”

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