About Tony

Anthony DiVerniero, author of stories of forgiveness

Anthony DiVerniero, Amazon best seller, acclaimed award-winning author of Messenger from God, and The Third Trumpet has written the conclusion of the series, An Angel’s Cry.

World War III seems inevitable. For five centuries, a religious faction gone rogue has manipulated the world’s societies. Their intent? To create a single government with jurisdiction over all humanity. The scenarios are grim: massive death by annihilation, global anarchy, and irreversible cultural disintegration. The main characters are faced with a dreadful dilemma. Will they gamble with the lives of a few souls to save the multitudes?

DiVerniero intertwines Messenger from God, and The Third Trumpet into the spellbinding conclusion that will have readers on the edge of their chairs as they follow its treacherous plot twists and turns. A second-generation Italian, DiVerniero was born and raised in Connecticut. He draws on his ancestral roots and decades of international travel to create a vivid cultural background for his characters. A pilot since he was sixteen years old, DiVerniero enjoys studying the unique characteristics of the peoples of the world with the hopes of transferring that knowledge into words of meaning and hope for humanity.
Although he was fueled by a desire to write since he was young, it took DiVerniero fifty years to put words to paper. Tony D, as DiVerniero likes to be called continues to write and explore the intricacies of mankind.